Congratulations to our new Churchwardens for 2024-2025, Rector’s Churchwarden Mrs Rosemary Allister and People’s Churchwarden Mr David Connery, who were commissioned on Sunday 10th March. We look forward to their guidance and help during their term of office.

We also give our most grateful thanks to our retiring Churchwardens, Dr Richard Whiteside (Rector’s Churchwarden) and Mrs Louise Mercer (People’s Churchwarden) for their exceptional dedication and hard work during the front of church reconfiguration and painting works, as they carefully and meticulously made the smooth transition for all of us to the Church Hall for the work to begin, and then back to church once the work was completed. We wish them well as they now retire from their roles, with our deepest appreciation and gratitude.L-R: David Connery, Rosemary Allister, the Rector, Louise Mercer, Richard Whiteside